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Factual Updates

Hopefully people are checking the chronology for factual updates, so I can use the blog for my ramblings. I must be careful, as I don’t doubt that the bad guys are checking this site as well. But here’s what’s been running through my mind……WHY am I so obsessed with righting these wrongs? Why not let the system do what it is supposed to? Why is it that pretty much the only time I am not thinking about this is when I am at a concert? I think about this at work, in church, at the gym, at home doing yard work, the grocery store……always thinking of things that I need to get the word out on, things I need to write down, people I need to contact, what to say/what not to say/when to say, etc. It never ends. There are just so many darn pieces to this puzzle….pieces that go back way before the murder. The murder obviously is the worst part of this whole thing, but there is just SO much injustice here outside of that. I have to put those other things somewhat on the back burner, but they are still there, simmering…waiting to boil over.

I have learned that I am incapable of ignoring injustice, no matter how long ago, no matter how small. Heck, I’m the girl who wrote the Mayor of Denver, the news stations, and the Chief of Police when I got one of those (stupid) red light photo enforcement tickets for being over the cross-walk while stopped in the right hand turn lane at a red light. (told ya it was stupid….yes, halfway in the crosswalk because you had to scooch up in order to see the oncoming traffic so that you could safely – and legally – turn right on red) I had just gotten back from Helena when I received the ticket, so was not in a very good mood. Plus, the only reason I was at that intersection was that I had just left the hospital emergency room where they had Tim after he was in a bad accident. But noooo… human element allowed – the ticket stuck. So anyway, take that particular injustice suffered by me, multiply by one hundred, then multiply by one hundred again, because this is all affecting my mother, and maybe you will understand why I can’t leave any of this alone. Thankfully we are going to see Cheap Trick again on Friday night, so that is roughly two hours of NOT thinking about ANY of this!!! And if I get my usual pick from Tom Peterson, the couple of hours afterglow will further push this crap outta my head J

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