November 20, 2015

I have repeatedly pleaded with your offices, and others, in an attempt to get all things related to Mike Crites out of Lewis and Clark County.   Below is an email from December 2013, which lays out everything that had transpired up until  then.  Since then:

        We are now up to tens of thousands in lawyer fees, and after waiting a year to rule on our request for summary judgment,  the judge basically ruled against us and wants this to move forward (ie all of the costly steps leading up to and including costs of a trial!)   The judge stated that even though Mike not being here presented a bit of a problem in that he cannot defend himself, he does have a competent Personal Representative (me) and competent legal counsel.   I LIVE IN COLORADO – I WAS NOT THERE!!!!   While I appreciate the fact that he referred to me as competent, I truly do not understand this ruling.  I am completely baffled as to why this judge thinks it is OK to allow this spurious lawsuit and ABUSE O...

July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

A lot has happened since my last post. The Ford cross-claim was dismissed as part of the Section 9 road lawsuit being (finally) ruled on.  Of course, we still received a HUGE lawyer bill as a result of this claim.  Par for the course, as they say.

More importantly, Mike would have been 52 today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY in heaven, little brother. As I type this, Mom, Tim and I are driving to Helena, once again, in hopes of pushing justice along and maybe getting a few of the other travesties addressed.  I had the weirdest thing happen while at the gym a few weeks ago.  I was upset about another bad foot x-ray, and somehow started thinking about Mike...then God started talking to me, I mean, YELLING at me, no doubt about it, it was God.  "You don't need to have $10,000 in your purse in order to offer a reward for info on Mike's murder, you don't need $2,000 for a billboard, it's time to turn your life upside down again and get your butt to Helena."  What's strange is that althou...

December 9, 2012

 I don’t have any update, but wanted to post a few random thoughts:

First of all – although there is nothing new to report, the case is still VERY active.  Things are happening, but as I have learned from my hours of obsessive I.D. channel watching, it takes a lot longer to bring people to justice in real life.  

Mike just wanted to be left alone – to plant his many grass seedlings from across the state, to improve his land by taking care of the weeds, while being extra careful not to harm native flora, to take care of the wildlife, to stomp around in the woods looking for his beloved antlers, to hunt (LEGALLY!!) for his many trophies – and the thought that he even cared enough about these people to harass them is simply preposterous.  IF he did anything, it would have been in retaliation, not initiation.  Those of us who knew him best will swear to that. 

And, had Mike known about this lawsuit, he would have fought it, plain and simple.  He spent considerable time and rese...

November 5, 2012

We received a call a few days ago that a positive ID has been made and the skull is indeed Mike’s.  We knew this all along, but now that it is “official”, this is yet one more thing that brings us closer to justice.  I cannot go into the details of the investigation, but will say that there has been an ASTOUNDING amount of activity going on, and we are hoping that any day now there will be good news.  So, in light of this new increase in activity….you guessed it…….WE NEED MORE FERVENT PRAYERS!! 

I know that many of you are thinking of us, and wishing for the best, but now is the time to get back down on those knees, beside your bed, and ask for God to intervene, to guide those who are working towards justice, to bring to fruition some of the many, many tasks that are going on behind the scenes, to soften hearts and heighten conscience….whatever you feel like saying.  Sometimes I think that I have to get specific with God, but quite frankly, He doesn’t need me to be specif...

October 23, 2012

Well, it has been a difficult past ten days or so.  I don’t understand how people can purposefully set out to make other’s endure more suffering.  Should having a family member murdered result in going into debt?  The bogus lawsuit by Mehan, Shaw and Wessel cost a fortune to deal with, and just when I thought perhaps we could put this behind us, they instead change the defendants name to “Connie Crites, representative of the estate”.  WHAT?  The problem with our system is that no matter how bogus a lawsuit/claim is, the innocent party still has to spend thousands to deal with it.  What is really interesting about this latest filing is that they are also trying to subpoena records from the Sheriff that are really none of their business.  They have asked for all complaints involving my brother, dating back to 2005.  I know that these will not be released to them, for obvious reasons, but now even the Sheriff and his counsel have to deal with this ridiculous request, legally.  What could...

October 18, 2012

What makes a murderer decide that killing someone isn’t enough?  What makes them want to put families and friends through the most terror and sadness possible, by desecrating the remains of their loved ones?  Here in the Denver area, we have had a heinous crime perpetrated on a young girl and her family.  A beautiful ten year old girl, Jessica Ridgeway, was reported missing a few weeks ago, and shortly thereafter her “not intact” remains were found.  Because of the way this was reported, I have no doubt that this young girl was found without her head, and who knows what else.  When I heard the news I wanted to throw up – it hit way too close to home and after 10 days of seeing her adorable pictures on TV it was just like a punch to the gut.  I have a new found empathy for her family and what they are going through.  I wish that I could talk to them, hug them, cry with them, and pray for them.  I’m sure that I am one of thousands, as the whole state and even parts of the entire nation h...

October 13, 2012

:  WOW what an interesting couple of days!  If you haven’t heard the latest, please check out the new links on the News & Events tab.  Hmmmm…. People stop at a random spot to take their dogs for a walk and the dogs discover the skull.  You can call it coincidence, but I call it the result of five plus days of prayer, by many, many people!  I hate to use popular phrases, but I will use one here:  I am cautiously optimistic.  We are definitely moving in the right direction and it seems that justice for Mike is closer than ever.   That being said, I again ask you all to KEEP PRAYING and thank you for your past prayers.  Mom is such a strong Christian, and in light of the recent developments she said “well, our God is still in charge, whether they like it or not.”  Exactly

I know some people wonder how I get through this and also how I can be so excited over such a gruesome discovery.  One friend asked how I managed to keep my sanity through...

October 3, 2012

– I had been hoping to update earlier but by now some of you may have heard about the discovery of a skull near MacDonald Pass.  Here’s a quick recap of what happened when we were in Helena leading up to that:

We spent a few hours on Saturday at the farmers market, passing out prayer requests and talking to a lot of wonderful people.  I did not know how newsworthy our actions were but had alerted a few of my media contacts that we would be in town.   KXLH came down and interviewed me and got some footage of us working the market.  The best part is that they aired the snippet where I said “pray for justice” so the prayer message got out to even more people than we could have individually talked to.  We also attended worship service at the Christian Reform Church that had allowed us to have the estate sale there back in July.  Of course when the Pastor asked for prayer requests, I made ours known and he prayed for justice as part of his prayer that day.   Our main goal had been over the d...

September 19, 2012

– URGENT PRAYER REQUEST!  We are heading to Helena on Thursday.  It appears there have been new developments and we are getting closer to catching the bad guys. Please pray for God to watch over us during our travels and for me to take a back seat for a change and get out of God’s way.  I know that He is in control and does not need my help. 

September 11, 2012

Spent the past weekend at Mom’s, painting and going through her Fish & Wildlife and other Mike related documents.  Was shocked (well only a little) to find a document where a deputy had advised Mr Ford, years ago, that Mike’s logging path was not his easement, and that he needed to check with the county as to the whereabouts of his easement.  Apparently, this did not stop Mr Ford from deciding that he would someday make Mike’s path his easement aka driveway.  I would say that certain people are being allowed to dance on Mike’s grave, but, oh wait, Mike doesn’t have a grave, because someone cut him into pieces and the crime lab still has his remains. 

Other docs found at Mom’s regarding the malicious prosecution by Lewis and Clark County and Fish Wildlife and Parks that I hadn’t seen before have now given me a pretty complete picture of how Mike was treated.  I cannot believe the volumes of filings submitted by Mike’s attorney during the FWP case that went ignored by the c...

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