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Random Thoughts

I don’t have any update, but wanted to post a few random thoughts:

First of all – although there is nothing new to report, the case is still VERY active. Things are happening, but as I have learned from my hours of obsessive I.D. channel watching, it takes a lot longer to bring people to justice in real life.

Mike just wanted to be left alone – to plant his many grass seedlings from across the state, to improve his land by taking care of the weeds, while being extra careful not to harm native flora, to take care of the wildlife, to stomp around in the woods looking for his beloved antlers, to hunt (LEGALLY!!) for his many trophies – and the thought that he even cared enough about these people to harass them is simply preposterous. IF he did anything, it would have been in retaliation, not initiation. Those of us who knew him best will swear to that.

And, had Mike known about this lawsuit, he would have fought it, plain and simple. He spent considerable time and research to fight his “driving with out of state plates” charge. I found no less than two dozen papers, his research, filings, and the counties responses at his house while going through his things. Why didn’t I find ONE single piece of paper related to this lawsuit? BECAUSE HE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!!

Apparently, the counties unwillingness to step in here and rule that: 1) the plaintiffs attorney will not be given any court documents relating to Mike because it is part of an active MURDER investigation, and 2) a case of he said she said cannot be argued as such when the HE is DEAD, in pieces, and in the property of the Sheriff’s Department, is the reason that this case has gone on for as long as it has and now apparently has been given new life so that it can continue longer.

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