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Difficult Day's

Well, it has been a difficult past ten days or so. I don’t understand how people can purposefully set out to make other’s endure more suffering. Should having a family member murdered result in going into debt? The bogus lawsuit by Mehan, Shaw and Wessel cost a fortune to deal with, and just when I thought perhaps we could put this behind us, they instead change the defendants name to “Connie Crites, representative of the estate”. WHAT? The problem with our system is that no matter how bogus a lawsuit/claim is, the innocent party still has to spend thousands to deal with it. What is really interesting about this latest filing is that they are also trying to subpoena records from the Sheriff that are really none of their business. They have asked for all complaints involving my brother, dating back to 2005. I know that these will not be released to them, for obvious reasons, but now even the Sheriff and his counsel have to deal with this ridiculous request, legally. What could the point to all of this possibly be? On changing the lawsuit to my name, are they simply trying to make my life more difficult by giving me one more thing to deal with and one more unfair thing to pay for? I have elected to not tell my mother about this, as she is fed up with the wrongs done to my family and I do not want to burden her. Thankfully, she has no internet so will most likely not learn of this until I have taken care of it.

I have also elected to keep her out of my settlement offering to the lawyer who, after six years, has come out of the woodwork claiming that Mike owed him $6400 in legal fees. This lawyer was fired by my Dad back in 2006, when he did a sub-par job on a lawsuit that Mike was involved in. My Dad told this guy that if he sent another bill he would report him for negligence and have him disbarred. Funny thing is, he didn’t send any other bills. And, after going through thousands of documents at Mike’s house, I can definitively say that he never even sent Mike to a collection agency – which in my mind says that he knew that the money was not owed to him. How convenient that the two people most able to deny this claim are dead…and I cannot get in touch with the lawyer that my Dad subsequently hired in an attempt to undo some of the damage the previous lawyer had done. My mother is completely aware of the circumstances and would swear to what Dad told him, etc, but to fight this claim based on my mother’s and my recollection would cost as much as the claim itself. It made my mom sick to hear of this claim……just when we thought we would be able to complete probate, this happens. I guess this seemed like easy money to the claimant…but lo and behold…the estate has NO money. We sold all of Mike’s precious belongings, anything of worth, just to pay lawyer fees to fight the Mehan/Shaw/Wessel judgment. Good luck on waiting for the land to sell – who would want to buy Mike’s land, when there are so many issues up there that the county refuses to address? But hey, if you think buying Mike’s land is a wise investment, I have some real estate close to the active volcano in Hilo that is a smokin’ deal!

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