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Thank You For Praying!

– I had been hoping to update earlier but by now some of you may have heard about the discovery of a skull near MacDonald Pass. Here’s a quick recap of what happened when we were in Helena leading up to that:

We spent a few hours on Saturday at the farmers market, passing out prayer requests and talking to a lot of wonderful people. I did not know how newsworthy our actions were but had alerted a few of my media contacts that we would be in town. KXLH came down and interviewed me and got some footage of us working the market. The best part is that they aired the snippet where I said “pray for justice” so the prayer message got out to even more people than we could have individually talked to. We also attended worship service at the Christian Reform Church that had allowed us to have the estate sale there back in July. Of course when the Pastor asked for prayer requests, I made ours known and he prayed for justice as part of his prayer that day. Our main goal had been over the days preceding the trip and during the trip was to get the word out that Mike’s murder had not been forgotten and that we needed everyone’s help in asking for divine intervention. I had specifically asked for God to reveal what was hidden.

RIGHT after we got back to Denver we got the call that a skull had been discovered. We were not given any other details as far as where it was found, how it was found etc, nor could they definitively tell us that it was Mike’s. We actually found out from the Helena IR that it was found near MacDonald Pass, but on the other side from where the previous remains were found. We are waiting on confirmation that it is Mike, and also for other information as to how it was found. We understand that the detectives might not be able to tell us how it was found, and now that we have been involved in this process for over a year now, we are fine with that. I trust their judgment regarding things that may or may not be harmful to a potential arrest or trial. As one detective said, this is not a sprint, it is a marathon. That’s a tough thing for turbo-spazz here but I am getting better…..really.

On the matter of the road that was built illegally through Mike’s land, we are still looking to the County to prosecute it as criminal trespass and destruction of property. Naturally, the murder is still most important, so that may have to go on the back burner. I took a picture of Mike’s land before and after the road, and as you can see, it is a drastic change and flagrant disrespect.

In closing I want to say THANK YOU FOR PRAYING to those of you who prayed, and ask that you please keep us in your prayers – we are not out of the woods yet. One of my Christian friends who just learned of the discovery said that I should pray that God put one hand on my shoulder and one hand over my mouth! I need comfort and a muzzle in equal parts – it’s a perfect prayer for me. I need to let God run the show and let the guys in charge here on earth do their jobs. Neither entity needs my help. It is a strange time though….a gruesome discovery, that once again rips the scab off that wound that is trying to heal, yet is a very necessary discovery.

One more thing – if I do not have time to update in the next days you may want to do random google alerts. We are hoping for news any day now.

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