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Mike's Documents

Spent the past weekend at Mom’s, painting and going through her Fish & Wildlife and other Mike related documents. Was shocked (well only a little) to find a document where a deputy had advised Mr Ford, years ago, that Mike’s logging path was not his easement, and that he needed to check with the county as to the whereabouts of his easement. Apparently, this did not stop Mr Ford from deciding that he would someday make Mike’s path his easement aka driveway. I would say that certain people are being allowed to dance on Mike’s grave, but, oh wait, Mike doesn’t have a grave, because someone cut him into pieces and the crime lab still has his remains.

Other docs found at Mom’s regarding the malicious prosecution by Lewis and Clark County and Fish Wildlife and Parks that I hadn’t seen before have now given me a pretty complete picture of how Mike was treated. I cannot believe the volumes of filings submitted by Mike’s attorney during the FWP case that went ignored by the court, despite glaring facts and well laid out arguments. I really need to get an outside party to review all of the docs, and I am fairly certain that if the right person reviews this information, some people are going to be in deep doo-doo. Unfortunately, it seems that outside of spending thousands on lawyer fees, we Americans do not have much recourse against our broken system. Oh wait, unless you are NOT a while male…if you are anything other than a white male, you will have people protesting in the streets, Al Sharpton will get your family on TV and everyone will feel sorry for you, the ACLU will step in, because after all, it is OK for a white man to get murdered by another white man, but oh my if a black man gets killed by a white man, regardless of the reason – TRAVESTY. And if a woman goes missing and ends up murdered, especially with evidence that law enforcement/the courts could have possibly intervened, OUTRAGE. But unfortunately, Mike Crites was a white male, with no wife, no kids, and no agenda. I guess that makes his murder less important and certainly not in the least newsworthy.

Here’s the scoop folks – it is NOT OK for a white man to murder a black man, NOT OK for a black man to murder a black man, NOT OK for a white man/woman to murder a black or white woman. NO death is less important than the other. But we as a nation are so busy atoning for the sins or our past that we are cherry picking which sins of our present qualify as important.

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