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We received a call a few days ago that a positive ID has been made and the skull is indeed Mike’s. We knew this all along, but now that it is “official”, this is yet one more thing that brings us closer to justice. I cannot go into the details of the investigation, but will say that there has been an ASTOUNDING amount of activity going on, and we are hoping that any day now there will be good news. So, in light of this new increase in activity….you guessed it…….WE NEED MORE FERVENT PRAYERS!!

I know that many of you are thinking of us, and wishing for the best, but now is the time to get back down on those knees, beside your bed, and ask for God to intervene, to guide those who are working towards justice, to bring to fruition some of the many, many tasks that are going on behind the scenes, to soften hearts and heighten conscience….whatever you feel like saying. Sometimes I think that I have to get specific with God, but quite frankly, He doesn’t need me to be specific….it is simple enough to just pray for justice, because justice belongs to God, and He knows how to make it happen!! THANK YOU!

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