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Open Letter to Montana Government Officials

I have repeatedly pleaded with your offices, and others, in an attempt to get all things related to Mike Crites out of Lewis and Clark County. Below is an email from December 2013, which lays out everything that had transpired up until then. Since then:

We are now up to tens of thousands in lawyer fees, and after waiting a year to rule on our request for summary judgment, the judge basically ruled against us and wants this to move forward (ie all of the costly steps leading up to and including costs of a trial!) The judge stated that even though Mike not being here presented a bit of a problem in that he cannot defend himself, he does have a competent Personal Representative (me) and competent legal counsel. I LIVE IN COLORADO – I WAS NOT THERE!!!! While I appreciate the fact that he referred to me as competent, I truly do not understand this ruling. I am completely baffled as to why this judge thinks it is OK to allow this spurious lawsuit and ABUSE OF SYSTEM by Mehan to continue to drain the murder victims families resources, cause them more pain and suffering, and muddy up the already bogged down L& C County courts.

I was advised by Victims Assistance that “I do not qualify” for assistance, not even in obtaining pro-bono legal representation. They, as everyone does, keep focusing on the murder and the active investigation. This is a completely separate issue! Why does everyone use the “oh we are so sorry for what you are going through but since there is an active investigation we can’t do anything”. That is not true – you CAN do something; however you are ALL using the blanket “there is an active investigation” excuse. It does NOT hold water

I was also advised by the ACLU (Mike’s civil rights were violated) that they are also sorry but they just don’t have the resources. The nice lady did suggest that perhaps I could contact an organization that provides free legal aid to old people, on behalf of my mother.

Our one hope for justice, Cory Olson, retired from the Sheriff’s Department, after losing his run for Sheriff against Sheriff Dutton and becoming persona non-grata there. I had a first had look at that, when I advised Crime Watch Daily that they should speak with Det. Olson, and they instead were advised that they would be interviewing Sheriff Dutton and Captain Peterson (who had told the Crites family over a year and a half ago that since his promotion he was now off the case) When I asked around at the station for Det Olson that day, I was met with a very cold shoulder at the mere mention of his name. I later found out that he had been sent to the crime lab for the day and knew nothing of the interviews.

Marc and Gloria Flora have suffered just as much as we have, fleeing the state, leaving their beloved land, and also suffering many, many, expensive and life draining setbacks at the hands of Lewis and Clark County. I have not mentioned your County Attorney yet, but please do not ask me why I have not reached out to Leo Gallagher. I HAVE…phone calls, emails, showed up in person, tried the Assistant C.A who always has to “ask Leo” and gets shut down by him. Same with your very gracious County Commissioner, Susan Good-Geise. She seemed really willing to help with the destruction of property, trespassing, and easement issues related to Mr Ford and Mr Mehan, but Leo shut her down… is in litigation so we can’t do anything. It should NOT be in litigation. MANY parts of this should have been addressed by public servants and elected officials, who instead chose to select which parts of their jobs to perform based on how much they like that particular citizen. Leo Gallagher does not care for the Flora’s and his office has had a healthy disdain for the Crites name, since my father spent $100,000 to beat them on their Fish Wildlife and Parks witch hunt against my brother.

We (the Crites and the Flora’s) will NEVER get a fair shake as long as our fates our controlled by Lewis and Clark County. What more can we do to have the state of Montana take over? Quite frankly, I would be more comfortable at the Federal level, since the “State” lives and plays in Helena, but getting us out from under Leo Gallaghers wide umbrella would be a good start.

If you do not feel like reading the attachment, feel free to refer to the recent segment on Crime Watch Daily which lays out the last four and a half years of our living Hell.

Thank you for your consideration. We are not going away.


Connie L Crites

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