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: WOW what an interesting couple of days! If you haven’t heard the latest, please check out the new links on the News & Events tab. Hmmmm…. People stop at a random spot to take their dogs for a walk and the dogs discover the skull. You can call it coincidence, but I call it the result of five plus days of prayer, by many, many people! I hate to use popular phrases, but I will use one here: I am cautiously optimistic. We are definitely moving in the right direction and it seems that justice for Mike is closer than ever. That being said, I again ask you all to KEEP PRAYING and thank you for your past prayers. Mom is such a strong Christian, and in light of the recent developments she said “well, our God is still in charge, whether they like it or not.” Exactly

I know some people wonder how I get through this and also how I can be so excited over such a gruesome discovery. One friend asked how I managed to keep my sanity throughout this ordeal and of course I joked “well you have to have been sane in the first place, in order to keep your sanity” But all joking aside, I have been entrenched in the details: dealing with the police, the media, all of Mike’s friends and family, taking care of the estate, the default judgment, getting his stuff sold to pay for that stupid judgment, taking care of the house, the vehicles, the land, basically the logistics. And those details will need to be dealt with for some time now, with the added details of a potential arrest(s) and a trial. The point was also driven home when I called my son, all excited, to tell him about the discovery of the skull. He got really quiet and I asked him why he wasn’t excited, and he was like “Mom you just told me that my Uncle’s head has been found, do you know how horrible that is?” I lose the human element and don’t deal with my emotions when I am buried by details and logistics. It IS very disturbing!! But I also know that these are just Mike’s earthly remains, and I know that he is in heaven. While these new discoveries drive home the heinousness of his death, they also bring us closer to getting resolution. However, don’t be surprised if, after this resolution, I finally have that well deserved breakdown and am taken away by the men in the white coats. It is coming……..

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