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Time to Kick @@s

July 29, 2014

A lot has happened since my last post. The Ford cross-claim was dismissed as part of the Section 9 road lawsuit being (finally) ruled on. Of course, we still received a HUGE lawyer bill as a result of this claim. Par for the course, as they say.

More importantly, Mike would have been 52 today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY in heaven, little brother. As I type this, Mom, Tim and I are driving to Helena, once again, in hopes of pushing justice along and maybe getting a few of the other travesties addressed. I had the weirdest thing happen while at the gym a few weeks ago. I was upset about another bad foot x-ray, and somehow started thinking about Mike...then God started talking to me, I mean, YELLING at me, no doubt about it, it was God. "You don't need to have $10,000 in your purse in order to offer a reward for info on Mike's murder, you don't need $2,000 for a billboard, it's time to turn your life upside down again and get your butt to Helena." What's strange is that although the logistics were bouncing around like crazy, I just knew that this HAD to be done, and there was a sense of peace.(that didn't last long haha)

So, here we go again...another lovely 12 plus hours, through lovely Wy oming (at least the speed limit thru WY is 80 for a lot of the way!!) Meeting with Crimestoppers, The Helena IR, TheSheriff's office, maybe the County Attorney, maybe I'll do a hunger strike on the Capitols steps. Yeah, right, the world's biggest foodie on hunger strike.

We will update again as to the reward, but meanwhile the latest and other biggest hot topic is the highway that was illegally built through Mike's land. WE HAVE PROOF THAT THIS WAS DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY and need to see some action from the County on this, or we will never be able to sell Mike's land (if we EVER get through probate) and believe it or not....we COULD BE SUED

March 28, 2014 (REVISED MAY 1)

Mom called, left a message, tearful…I thought OMG who died? Listen further and lo and behold, she has now received TWO new summons from MT, one is a civil suit by Leon and Debbie Ford requesting monetary/punitive damages. I have never heard her sound so bad. This malicious and torturous act by the Fords may bring on the early demise of my mother. How dare these people. What’s funny is that the access they reference is NOT Turk Rd, nor is it on the land plats. It is the old logging trail that runs through Mike’s land, where Ford had built his freeway, I complained to the County and they did nothing.

This had better be the LAST time any of these people will be allowed to harass my mother for issues that do NOT belong with her. She does NOT own the land – it is still in probate thanks to the other a-holes, the land was owned by MIKE when he was MURDERED, and CONNIE L CRITES is the Personal Representative of the Estate. So, ANY more of these idiotic and malicious things go to my mom (and my DEAD father) and YOU will need to sell all of your assets!! YOU sue ME – go ahead. But me alone…..and I am DONE waiting on Lewis and Clark County to do the right thing.

The day after receiving this recent ridiculous suit, I broke my foot dancing at a wedding!!! Horrible yes, but just had surgery last week and it gave me plenty of time to write to a few more people, send out a few damning DVD's, make some phone calls, etc. Not sure if God did that on purpose because I truly have not had the time to follow up (unlike people who continue to terrorize folks up Turk Rd, SOME of us work for a living). I need to get the news out, and by out I mean out of Lewis and Clark County, so that is what I have started in earnest.

On a kinder gentler note.....last month in church our (pesky) Pastor (I say that with love) somehow struck a chord with me on forgiveness. So, even though it is deplorable what these people did, and what they are still doing to me and my family, I am trying to forgive, to tone down the hate and disgust that is turning me into somebody that I am not. It was so weird, as soon as I got down on my knees and just asked God to help me with this issue, I swear I felt a burden lifting. I can't honestly say that I have forgiven them, but I don't feel consumed and I can feel a bit more light in the darkness. Hard to explain. I am still extremely motivated to right the plethora of wrongs here, but not from a hateful, vengeful position, rather a position of justice and of course concern for my mother.

I put a lot of stuff out there over the last ten days or so and could really use MORE PRAYERS to bring us a much needed resolution to at least some of this. Can you believe that our dismissal request, from January 7th, has still not been ruled on? PLEASE someone prove to me that our justice system is not completely broken!!

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