September 5, 2012

– A lot of things have happened in the last week – some good, some bad.  First the good news: I received an email from our lawyer with a copy of the ruling setting aside the default judgment!  At last – after about 9K in fees, the courts finally overturned something that should not have even happened in the first place.   This means that the bad guys 75K of claims against the estate can easily be denied.  A victory, but it still sickens me that so much time and money had to be spent fighting something that was ridiculous and not even served!  Now we move on to dismissing the claim by inept lawyer guy from 2005.

And here is the very disturbing news – we found out from one of Mike’s friends that the neighboring landowners “private drive”, which cut right through Mike’s property, was completed!!  I had not mentioned this before, as I was being very careful about writing things that could identify individuals involved with Mike’s harassment, disappearance, etc.  How...

August 23, 2012

Hopefully people are checking the chronology for factual updates, so I can use the blog for my ramblings.  I must be careful, as I don’t doubt that the bad guys are checking this site as well.  But here’s what’s been running through my mind……WHY am I so obsessed with righting these wrongs?  Why not let the system do what it is supposed to?  Why is it that pretty much the only time I am not thinking about this is when I am at a concert?  I think about this at work, in church, at the gym, at home doing yard work, the grocery store……always thinking of things that I need to get the word out on, things I need to write down, people I need to contact, what to say/what not to say/when to say, etc.  It never ends.  There are just so many darn pieces to this puzzle….pieces that go back way before the murder.  The murder obviously is the worst part of this whole thing, but there is just SO much injustice here outside of that.  I have to put those other things somewhat on the back burner, but they...

July 25, 2012

A VERY interesting few weeks!  Some of the things that I did not post in my July 4th update are now public record so I can get it all out there now.  While we were in MT, Mehan had taken down Marc’s camera, which was at the end of his driveway.  This camera has been used extensively during the murder investigation, so Mehan was charged on Friday July 6th with tampering with evidence and his bail set at a very high amount.  Full details can be read in the Helena IR and viewed on KXLH so I will not go into them.  

On Wednesday July 11th we got a call from one of the detectives, who advised us that a lot of the case information had been published in the paper that morning.   Apparently, the reporter had gotten access to an 11 page affidavit which we thought was to be sealed but was not.  This document contained intimate details of the investigation, including the name of the other suspects and why they were suspects.  I don’t think this is a good thing, but at the...

July 5, 2012

- Just got back from Helena last night and wanted to do a quick recap of what happened while we were there:

On Friday morning, we met with the detectives and discussed many aspects of the investigation.  Unfortunately I cannot share much, but I can say that we left knowing that they are still pursuing this, on a weekly basis, and are every bit as committed as we are to getting justice for Mike.  After that, we went to the Christian Reform Church, who had graciously allowed us to have our estate sale in their parking lot because it was a high traffic area.  Before we could even fully unload, we had dozens of people, non-stop, until around 6:00 PM.  It was really hard getting rid of some of the things, but we really needed to get the house in order and quite frankly estate lawyer fees are not cheap!  A bonus was that we were able to talk to a lot of people about Mike, and many knew of the ongoing investigation.  People were genuinely concerned and interested, so of course we talked as muc...

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